Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Written by Kami on February 9, 2008 – 9:39 am -

Found it interesting as well as motivating for non-drinkers.

Imagine a fragrant cup of green tea. The clear, pale green liquid gives off a delicious aroma somewhat like wet hay mixed with the scent of apples or pears. You lift the cup to your lips and take the first sip. The comforting liquid rolls over your tongue and eases down your throat, brightening and warming as it goes. Its slight astringency freshens your mouth, making it feel naturally clean. Yet green tea is a lot more than just a delicious and satisfying drink, it has many medicinal properties that are nothing short of amazing.

  • Cut cancer risk

Several polyphenols – the potent antioxidants green tea is famous for is helpful to keep cancer cells from gaining a foothold in the body, by discouraging their growth and then squelching the creation of new blood vessels that tumors need to thrive. Studies have found that people who regularly drink green tea reduce their risk of breast, stomach, esophagus, colon, and prostate cancer.

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7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe

Written by Kami on January 5, 2008 – 9:43 am -

Popular culture is loaded with myths and half-truths. Most are harmless. But when doctors start believing medical myths, perhaps it’s time to worry.

In the British Medical Journal this week, researchers looked into several common misconceptions, from the belief that a person should drink eight glasses of water per day to the notion that reading in low light ruins your eyesight.

“We got fired up about this because we knew that physicians accepted these beliefs and were passing this information along to their patients,” said Dr. Aaron Carroll, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. “And these beliefs are frequently cited in the popular media.”

And so here they are, so that you can inform your doctor:

Myth: We use only 10 percent of our brains.
Fact: Physicians and comedians alike, including Jerry Seinfeld, love to cite this one. It’s sometimes erroneously credited to Albert Einstein. But MRI scans, PET scans and other imaging studies show no dormant areas of the brain, and even viewing individual neurons or cells reveals no inactive areas, the new paper points out. Metabolic studies of how brain cells process chemicals show no nonfunctioning areas. The myth probably originated with self-improvement hucksters in the early 1900s who wanted to convince people that they had yet not reached their full potential, Carroll figures. It also doesn’t jibe with the fact that our other organs run at full tilt.

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